Meditation Teacher Training 300 HR Certification (For 500HR CMT)




Become a 500 HR CMT (500 Hr Certified Meditation Teacher – Requires completed 200HR CMT)

Highlight: Learn from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra and dive into the most ancient and profound meditations.

* Create a remote dream job as a professional meditation teacher.

1) Creating catharsis through intense break-trough techniques

2) Advanced techniques to master emotions

3) Tools and techniques to apply all these methodologies to your own life, as well as for clients.

Upon completion you may know how to:

1) Create a career as a meditation teacher

2) Coach individuals and groups in finding purpose, relaxation, and more

3) Transform your own life, master emotions, understand your own actions better

Upon completion you will be eligible to:

1) register with Meditation Alliance International for the 500 HR CMT designation

2) register with World Yoga Federation for the 500 HR CYT designation

Teachers in this Course:

Nikolai Manek is the US ambassador of the Indian World Yoga Federation as well as the Meditation Alliance International. He is the founder of Yogamu, one of the fastest-growing and largest yoga and meditation schools in the world. He has been an avid meditator and mystic for most of his life.


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